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Dog behaviour problems solved using simple proven techniques which are easy for you to implement into your every day life with your dog.

I am so confident in my ability to help you to resolve your dog behaviour problems and to deliver you an exceptional service with true value for money that a full no risk Service Satisfaction Guarantee is offered with every home consultation. Contact me now to let me know how I can help you!

If you have dog behaviour problems such as dog to dog aggression, biting, barking, pulling, growling, separation anxiety, see how I have helped others with their dog behaviour issues.

Dogs don't believe they have a behaviour problem - their behaviour becomes a problem to their owners.

Develop a better relationship between yourself and your dog

so that

You and your dog can co-exist together and both your lives are

improved for the better!


I have spent 30 years working with animals and have developed my approach to dog behaviour problems based on those years of experience.

If you have a dog behaviour problem don't waste your money :-

On dog training classes - they won't solve dog behaviour issues - in some instances they even make it worse.

By engaging the services of someone who only talks about being a pack leader - there is more to dog behaviour and dog psychology than eating in front of your dog, correcting, interrupting and suppressing the behaviour you don't like.

A dog is a living, thinking, instinctual animal  - we do not need to shock or condition our dogs to perform different behaviour - we need to look at the behaviour problem from the perspective of the dog.

Every owner and dog is an individual partnership that, both needs and is entitled to, an individual approach and solution.

If you have dog behaviour problems get in touch now!

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