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Having worked with animals for over 30 years I understand how important it is for animals to be given what they need as animals.  

Just because dogs can live in our homes with us doesn't mean that it is natural for them.  They still live by their basic instincts and also need a balanced and stable life to thrive.  We need, as dog owners, to realise the necessity to provide a more natural environment for them which will develop a relationship built on respect and cooperation.  We need to understand why certain undesirable behaviour occurs, why past experiences have the effect they have and how we need to help our dogs to relax and accept  situations where it feels uncomfortable. 

Dogs live by their own language and instincts.  They are not humans, they just live with humans because we want them to and they accommodate our wishes in the best way they know how. 

They don't adopt our feelings and emotions but they do take notice of them and it will affect their behaviour - either for good or bad.   Our behaviour towards our dogs impacts greatly on them and is responsible for the way our dogs view their place in our lives.  By modifying our own behaviour the dogs will modify their own.


My approach for my clients and their dogs has four important stages:-

  1. Understand how the undesirable and difficult dog behaviour has come about - a dog has a reason for everything it does and it doesn't think it is wrong or that it has a behaviour problem.
  2. Gain your dog's respect and trust - your dog asks you questions throughout the day when you are with him and you need to give him the right answers to them all - you are developing a relationship while you are living with your dog.

  3. Handle the present behaviour displayed by your dog so that you can manage him safely and correctly - how you react determines the severity and frequency of the behaviour.

  4. Understand your dog's instinctual behaviour so that you can facilitate sociable behaviour

We need to consider the reason for the behaviour and be able to deliver the correct response at the RIGHT time and CONSISTENCY to resolve it. 

The home consultation will last approximately 3 hours. It is necessary to see the dog in his own environment as this is where most behaviour problems begin and in some cases undesirable behaviour outside of the home becomes a result.  During the consultation we will discuss the behaviour displayed by your dog and also your interaction with him as this will most certainly impact on your dog. 

You will be shown how to handle, with correct timing and consistency, any undesirable behaviour both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the home - your dog's environment is where he spends his time on a daily basis which includes the areas he walks in. 

Telephone back-up is given thereafter for as long as it is needed.  Every person needs access to support.


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